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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Fishy business.

'No Fishing' is one thing, but 'No Chucking Fish Back into the Lake' seems a bit of an odd law – even if you consider the merit making tendencies of most Bangkokians. 

Temple hawkers who sell birds to release into the wild have actually been known to attach fishing wire to the legs of the creatures so as to be able to rope them in and sell them again when the customer's turned the corner – so who would think the park administration would turn down the chance to sell and re-sell a pond full of fish over and over again?

Perhaps the strategy behind this park posting though is something altogether different. Maybe we're supposed to take the meaning of the two signs in tandem and the authorities are just concerned anglers might get plastered and chuck their day's catch back into the water?

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Tintin Cooper said...

haha!! typical...

fab blog, will be checking back soon!