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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Slee-py TV?

With either malfunctioning units in the case of the Sondhi assassination attempt or unverifiable footage in the case of the King Power airport scandal, the CCTV unit has come under some scrutiny in Thailand of late.

It's still surprising though that dreamy, suburban hi-so shopper oasis The Crystal has stuck its neck out be offering customers that little extra bit of personalised car park care in the shape of security guards strategically sat aloft in high-seat Baywatch beach chairs – as although the context switch (from beach or tennis court to car lot) is a deft and innovative design move, it remains strangely DIY for such a luxury mall.

As to its efficiency, only time will tell. The guards we saw appeared upright and hawk-like when we were there exposed by the midday sun – even though the car lot was empty – but what with their general reputation for a snooze, we just hope that when dusk arrives sleepiness won't kick in.

Photography by Asit Prueangwet.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A nice change.

It's easy to knock True as a brand for their unfocussed and frivolous product line extensions and general air of unwarranted hype – but for showcasing relevant, utile and engaging design such as this one has to tip one's hat.

Easily mistaken as an architectural leftover or structural orphan, Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag's Magic Mirror, housed on the third floor of True's Siam Square boutique store, is a cleverly understated piece of function-led design that ensures you never have leave the fitting room to show off what you're trying on. The electrical current that charges the crystaline film that renders the walls opaque (for while you're getting changed) is disengaged when the door is pulled ajar, allowing the glass to return to its transparent state when you're ready to parade whatever you've picked up from off the rail.

The really nice change though is the appearance of such a truly genuine triumph of design in a site of such popular appeal.

Photography by Asit Prueangwet.

Modeled by Kwan & Gift.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


With US regulators extending current laws to end blogger payola I thought as an act of defiance I'd celebrate the occasion with some rampant cronyistic promotion.

Cutely-dubbed Thai illustrator and designer Sillapim (real name = Pimduan Watcharapruk, sillapin = artist in Thai) produces spectacular hand-drawn pieces in ink with luscious lines and exquisite organic details.

Check out her blog here.