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Friday, 2 April 2010

Panda bared.

Whether it's comic books or Kungfu Panda, pruned poodles, photo-stickers or Harry Potter, roti buns, AF, yellow, pink or red shirts, Korean boy bands, Twilight, anime eyes or BB messaging, the fickle Thai frenzy bandwagon continues to flitter from one fad to the next.

And with a whole TV channel dedicated to Lin Ping the Panda, streaming live video 24 hours a day – monitoring the animal in exactly the same position in its cage, toys occasionally thrown in to add colour to the frame – one is left wondering what will eventually be of the panda when the press strip down his qualifications for stardom. Lin Ping, I suspect, will probably conveniently get sent back to China where he'll be left to ponder his career/life.

Art by Lora Zombie.

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