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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sweet home.

Once a luxury (think 867 cable stations) and now the bane of many gadget geeks, choice or rather a desire to have it filtrated into a united form, has motivated 173 mostly frothy comments and 153 diggs, a response that has in turn egged on web programmers and platform providers Teehan + Lax to actualize a dream interface the pair were initially only speculating about in their blog.

The dream app is a live iPhone home screen featuring bespoke, scrollable lists of notifications tracking everything from missed calls, unread email and calendar events to Facebook, Twitter and Tripit updates. T+L describe it as: "A screen that doesn't require you to scan for red dots with numbers inside of them. Instead it displays information and notifications of things that are new and relevant to you."

Deadly simple and very sweet.

Follow T+L's progress on Twitter.

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