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Friday, 13 June 2008

Your choice.

Choice is ironically both the privilege of the few and the biggest bane of digital denizens the world over – though not only is there an overwhelming amount of digital content available online, but such a plethora of aggregate sites around these days that one might be forgiven for seeking an aggregate site to link them all together.

The Filter, Peter Gabriel's new recommendation engine, is one service that is promising big in this department – in claiming to act as a "life jockey." Drawing inspiration from computer scientist Bill Joy, who in describing the service claims, "The first wave of freedom is of choice and the second wave of freedom from choice", the site brings together applications such as iTunes, retailers such as Amazon and Flixter and social music platforms such as, while also enabling you to add word-of-mouth recommendations from people you know in the real world, too.

It might sound like they're having their cake and eating it, but try out The Filter's new aggregate service yourself if you want to – or don't go near it if you haven't got the time. It's, er, your choice.

Via The Guardian's Tech Weekly podcast.   

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