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Saturday, 8 November 2008


Ad Age's Pete Snyder provides a comprehensive analysis of Barack Obama's exploitation of time shifting and consumer control, but for some unexplained reason chooses to ignore the brutal simplicity and single-mindedness of the brand strategy behind the election win.

Both far and deeply-reaching, the relevance, consistency, resonance and sheer power of the positioning statement, 'change', is quite remarkable. And when you consider the accompanying visual imagery – a seismic reversal of a colour (white) that has been predominant since the inauguration of George Washington in 1789 – you have a real milestone in marketing, as well as political, history.

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sartor resartus said...

Or a black man repacked as a super-Aryan, all towering height, clean lines and master-race angles. Or chosen, worse still, to preside over the end of the empire because of his colour, eh? 'Seismic' indeed.