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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Wonderful stuff.

Although I'm finding print advertising increasingly more and more offensive as it trudges ungainly through the Noughties, interrupting and obstructing the lives of citizens – for whom many control, choice and contribution are the norm, powers that are exercised freely in their digital cosmos – this Wonderbra work from last year reappeared on my radar recently and I felt it deserved a nod, if only for its audacity.

When the work that global planners demand you must produce will surely be doctored by local censors, self-censorship is hard to avoid. And so actually building this obstacle into your strategy, basing your creative mechanism around it – while taking a jab at the censors themselves – is an approach truly worthy of note and must be applauded. What's more, as this type of local tailoring is often executed off-brand, it's wonderful to see some stuff that's so Wonderbra.

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