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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Nothing to Singha about.

With alcohol advertising in Thailand outlawed in all its forms, the mission to increase brand visibility is limited to events in pubs and clubs and the like – with brands like Beer Singha hosting shows featuring big name international superstar DJs and numerous other nights featuring local musical talent.

But for all the cash they plough into such events (current statistics show that Singha sponsor more than one event every single day of the year) reports on the ground claim the Lion of Asia are not reaping the benefits – with brand recall (and beer sales at these events) according to one unnamed insider at worryingly low levels for a market worth at least 2 billion USD. 

It's been alarming enough that image-conscious consumers continue to snub Singha for international brands in neutral venues on Thai soil, but completely soul-destroying for Singha that they're providing their competitors with large crowds of premium alcohol-hungry hipsters and fashionistas (with the events they are organizing). These crowds, it seems, while enjoying free top-notch entertainment from Singha, sup mostly on Heineken.

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