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Friday, 20 June 2008


I'm sure there's been at least a little bit of backslapping going on at Cannes this week and because I'm not there I'm going to slap myself on the back right here – by shamelessly pointing out how much I'm on the money.

Self-congratulatory Grand Prix:

In his comments on BBDO New York's Outdoor Grand Prix winning work for HBO, jury president Prasoon Joshi points out that what the jury were looking for were ideas that "tried to capture the sense of the medium." This was exactly what I was saying (just not with these words) in my post only 24 hours earlier.

Love this stuff, by the way, but think that 'Voyeur' would be totally paradigm-shattering if (a) the scenes that were projected were projected onto a variety of buildings and even transparent billboards (in different types of location) relevant to the content of the clips, and (b) the footage projected was actually footage shot on set (with a camera from a hidden POV) at the time of filming the HBO shows. This might sound logistically tough, but BBDO new York have just raised the bar and so what else do you expect?

Further support of what I'll dub the 'media-last' approach comes from creative godfather David Trott's agency CST. In their Response First principle they underline the point that a channel can only be selected effectively when strategy and message are locked down.

Thanks to Nonny for the graphic.

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