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Friday, 11 March 2011

Not all white.

Seemigly bound so securely by the artificial nationalism of Thaification, caught up in the wave of now rampant fanatical patriotism and oblivious to the frailty of the once disparate fragments that comprise the modern-day nation-state of Thailand, Bangkok-based advertiser Oishi saw it fit to castigate it’s own sisters (and brothers) in public.

Playing with the mechanics of such (BTS) signage that suggests you give up your seat for the handicapped, the old and the ordained, the banner ad read, quite shockingly, (in translation): This seat is reserved for white-skinned people. The desired effect of the pink Oishi amino drink was to appeal to the believed widespread desire to attain bright, glowing white skin.

Fortunately, a large enough proportion of the population are happy with their skin as it is and via a local online weboard community successfully petioned to have the offensive banner removed.

Image/graphic via TMRC.

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