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Saturday, 9 May 2009

No bull.

While over at The Musings of an Opinionated Sod a brand of bog roll really not to be, er, poo-pooed boldly presented itself.

Initially art (not novelty) and now a fully-fledged FMCG, Jed Ela's ShitBegone is really no bull. As the Poop Report so clearly states "ShitBegone is art masquarading as commerce, and is succeeding in both worlds", and as Jed Ela himself tidily explains in perfect marketspeak, the piece, essentially a by-product of Duchampian readymades and commodity-art, is now in full "commodity stream" – while fulfilling one of the key contemporary functions of modern art: operating as a "system for the production of knowledge."

1 comment:

kedar said...

the piece is now in full commodity stream while fulfilling one of the key what? that's a load of shit right there.

first, some small guys put funny into the mundane to be better than the big guys. then, they open their mouth and get their story all wrong. sad.

nice blog, though.