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Friday, 2 January 2009

Make note.

The counterfeit racket in Southeast Asia it seems is not just limited to fair-game FMCGs and luxury goods like VCDs and Gucci handbags. Over the last year or two, street vendors have stepped up production to include specialist items like guide books and even pharmaceuticlas to their respective product ranges. And now, hard hit by the world economic collapse, those desperate enough – taking initiative from the US Federal Reserve – have moved into the big time and have started printing their own money (adding support to my case over the increasing fragility of the power of the message communicated by hard currency.)

In spite of anti-counterfeit features, over the last few weeks thousands of fake 1000-baht bank notes have been found circulating in Thailand – though the real sting is that's it not just the forgers (if caught) who get punished, but any unsuspecting citizen found passing dodgy cash along, unwittingly or not it seems. 

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