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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Worthy ape.

When a piece of work that was conceived in 2007 is being toted as best ad of 2008, you know it must be good. And it is.

And when a piece of work has been spoofed and reworked online as much as it has (with popular Wonderbra and Children In Need parodies) you know that it'll take a truly special remix to even be worthy of really mentioning in the same breath. And it has.

The abstract and much lauded viral spot, 'Gorilla' by Fallon for Cadburys – which secured 500,000 Youtube hits in its first week of release and over 3 million hits in total – has finally been aped perfectly by this worthy work for IFAW. 

Via Happy Thought.


Tintin said...

where's the gorilla?
i want to see the gorilla!!

Rupert James said...

I'm glad I've whetted your appetite, Tintin.

Click on 'Gorilla' for the chocolatey monkey business you're after.