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Thursday, 28 August 2008

A deep-seated problem.

More (very hard) evidence of ill thought out 'branding' – this time from the airline with the 'smooth as silk' strap line sponsoring truly uncomfortable (and totally underused) solid concrete benches in the Laoation capital of Vientiane. 

When will brand guardians cease to believe they can bludgeon their way into the public psyche with brazen, interruptive, pointless and soulless communications?

In simple terms, the problem with this piece of communication is that it says absolutely nothing.

THAI should have least snapped up something a bit softer – like the grass – but unfortunately Lao Telecom beat them to it, but kept the lush stuff off-limits to the public – perhaps, as a telecom company, wary of the maintenance involved. 

If only Laos Telecom were consistent with their choice of hosts though. This last iPhone snap in the set speaks volumes about the crappiness of their service and the stupidity of their media purchasing.

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