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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Dead on joker.

Just spotted this example of powerful and poignant communication on the blog of British advertising legend Dave Trott.

The same logic is of course at play with a slightly more famous funny man just as fond of elaborate pranks – though obviously with this second case it's the studios and not the star who stand to profit, from both the PR of the death and the Oscar if it is awarded to Ledger posthumously. 


sartor resartus said...

That's an awful blog, that fellow's. And i can't see the picture, he seems bent on selling me some solution or other. We are talking glue?

Rupert James said...

If you think Trott's had it then Scamp is where it's at. You won't be entirely alone.

And remember in the world of advertising the greatness of one's 'copy' is inversely proportional to the length of one's sentences – not the other way around.

Admen, though, still of course like to hark on.

But like this.

Taken to its most logical conclusion this means the most celebrated piece of ad copy consists of 27 three-word, one-sentence paragraphs.