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Monday, 14 July 2008

The quandry of being an advertising creative.

To have or to be? That's the question this pavement stencil steps away from Paris' Gard du Nord asks all who walk by. And as a self-proclaimed activist for authenticity and at the same time a clog in the nasty wheel of the machine of advertising, I at once lap up the spiel I spin and reject it outright, caught I am between wanting and just being, the whole bloody time.

It's probably the same for everyone, but being in advertising, the irony is more profound. 


Niko H (nom du guerre) said...

spot on..guess it's all about accepting once own hypocracy and doing good where possible...

Like the great Hannibal Smith said when askes about his time in 'Nam: "I remember it all, I just don't think about it..."

Rupert James said...

Two very valid points. Thanks for the comment, Niko.

Do you think though that doing charity ads (at a hefty discount) is enough to stave off wanting to sneak away and work for Adbusters?